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Why would we use an agency?
Our job on a daily basis is hiring qualified employees. We fill both your full-time and part-time needs. We eliminate the hiring process for you to allow you more time to focus on your business. This also reduces your administrative costs.

What if we no longer need the employee’s services?
This is the advantage of using an agency. We provide you with the qualified personnel when you need them. If you no longer require our service, we will find the driver another customer.

What is the cost to use ACF’s services?
If you were to hire the driver yourself, the costs could exceed $5000 to hire a qualified driver. We charge you one price including all the governmental and fringe costs plus our administrative fee. You pay only one invoice!

Who is responsible for a CSST claim?
ACF is responsible for any accidents relating to the employee, as we are the employer. We will not charge you anything more. We also provide our customers with a certificate of clearance to prove that we pay CSST. This could be a huge liability for a company, and since they are our employees you do not have to worry about the excess costs that could hurt your bottom line!

Can you find drivers for us to cover our vacation period?
We can supply drivers to cover any of your needs. Summer vacation is peak time for most of our customers, so it would be advisable to notify us of your needs as early as possible. We can supply you with a driver for any period of time.

How do we start?
We can either meet with you or do this on the phone. We will ask you several questions pertaining to your type of business and the driver that you will need. We will then send you a proposal along with a credit check. Once this is completed and the rates are accepted we will match you and the driver.

Are the drivers provided uniforms? We provide a uniform to all of our regular drivers. If they have worked for ACF over 6 months. The value is $300 every 2 years. The driver can select from the various articles of clothing (shirt, pants, jacket, parka, etc). We have ACF’s logo on the uniform but we can also have the customer’s logo, if required.

How do I pay ACF? Once we collect all the timesheets for the driver(s), we will pay the driver and the government. We will then invoice you. The terms of payment are 14-21 days maximum (upon receipt) as we are a payroll company.

How often are the drivers paid?
We pay the drivers weekly each Thursday, but their first check is 2 weeks behind. For example: the work completed Feb 7-11, the driver will be paid on Feb. 24th.

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Why would I work for an agency?
We can keep you employed full-time. If the work slows down at one customer, we can move you to another customer, to always keep you working. We also have the option of working on a part-time basis (days, nights, week-ends, summers, etc)

What makes you different from other agencies?
ACF/Transportaide has been one of the first agencies to exist (since 1974). We pay all of our employees on time with no worries of fore-closure, bankruptcies, etc. We are a family business and all of our drivers are important to us. We listen and we care.

When will I get my first pay?
Your first pay will be on the first Thursday, 2 weeks after your first completed work week. For example, if you worked December 13-17, you will be paid on December 30th. You will receive a pay every week after that. We provide direct deposit also.

Do you provide us with uniforms?
After 6 months of working consecutively, all employees are entitled to a value of $300 of uniforms (shirts, pants, jackets, etc). This value is for 2 years.

Does ACF offer group insurance?
All employees are eligible for group insurance after 3 months. ACF offers life, AD & D, dependable life, medical, health and long-term disability, and the premiums are very competitive.

How do I become an ACF employee?
Make an appointment with our recruiter. You must pass our interview process followed by a road test. We will verify your past employment history to make sure you are eligible.

If I am just out of driving school, do you have work for me?
We have a couple of customers where it is possible that you can work right away. Our driver trainer will test your driving skills and evaluate if further training is necessary. We also have an in-cab and mentor program that teaches and /or trains new drivers to drive to the US.

Do you do any additional training?
We can provide private one-on-one training for drivers requiring additional training. See our driver trainer for additional information and costs.

How do I reach dispatch after hours?
We are available 24 hours a day. We also have a direct number in case of emergencies. You just have to dial our operations number (514.340.2844), and follow the instructions. For drivers out of the city we can be reached @ 1.800.359.7678.

How many years of experience do I need to be hired?
We have various customers with different requirements. If you have successfully completed the required hours from an accredited driving school, we will road test you to evaluate your level. We can accommodate most drivers with work.

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